Norovirus Hits Queen Mary II cruise

Queen-Mary-II-cruiseWinter vomiting bug Norovirus has hit a cruise ship, which is on its way to Hampshire. It has been found that the same is being thoroughly cleaned up these days so that the virus does not expand itself.

Norovirus is common in winters and usually is seen attacking many areas and hospitals at this time. It is therefore not strange, but is concerning since it proves fatal for many. People, especially the ones with weak immune systems, need to be extra cautious.

The virus can lead to symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea and the same may turn worse if not cured in time in elderly, children or pregnant women. People with serious illnesses also are at higher risks, the report finds.

It has been unveiled that at present, 19 confirmed cases are there on board in Cunard's Queen Mary II. Also, the company has informed that the liner is to go back on 10 January in Southampton. The outbreak has been noticed following the bug affecting hundreds of passengers on P&O's Oriana when a Baltic cruise had arrived on 14 December in Southampton.

"The safety and comfort of passengers and crew are always our number one priority", said the company's spokesperson.