Register Yourself as NHS Organ Donor

NHSIt's known how difficult it is to get a suitable organ donor and who better than Kirsten Harrold can tell about this. He went through a lot before she was treated on January 1, 1990 after being diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of

While she is living a normal life now, she is all set to support the NHS Organ Donor Register. With some 40% Scots registering for the same, it is believed that more and more people should come forward for the cause.

"It's not just the recipient that benefits from the NHS Organ Donor Register, it's everyone around them which is why it's so important that people sign up to help those waiting", said Harrold from Portobello, while sharing how the transplant has changed her life else she would have missed having such loving family in her life.

With some 600 people in Scotland seeking a life-saving organ transplant, there is dire need for more volunteers to do their bit for those who are at the suffering end, and the best they can do now is to make it as their New Year's resolution.

It would be hoped that this year, a significant rise in seen among those whose lives are saved from potentially lethal diseases with the help of organ donation.