UK allays UAE’s fears over visa rules amendments

student visaThe stiff visa norms proposed by the United Kingdom are not going to hit UAE students seeking admissions in various academic programs in the country. Allaying the fears of Emirates, a British Embassy official told that the amendments are aimed to curb huge inflow of immigrants who are trying to get entry into the country obviously for other reasons than study.

British Embassy spokesman Simon Goldsmith clarified, “Genuine students (from the UAE) will have nothing to fear from any changes to the visa procedures. The UK will always be a great place to further your education.’’

UK’s educational institutions have always been a top choice for students across the Globe given to their education quality and study environment. But some people have started to play with norms by flouting the visa rules, thus, making UK authorities to revise the visa policy.

Speaking at the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Home Secretary Johnson informed, “By 2011, we will have the most sophisticated system in the world to check people not just coming into the country but to check they have left as well,”

The United Kingdom and the UAE have always been in strong diplomatic and business ties. Around 2400 students from UAE got study visa last year for pursuing higher education.