Fructose May Make One Overeat, Says Study

Fructose May Make One Overeat, Says StudyFructose intake leads one to eat more, concludes a study taken out by a group of researchers from Yale University. It has been found that fructose is added to a number of food items and this brings such changes in one's brain that he tends to eat more.

The study researchers were of the view that though both are forms of sugar. But, both the types have different effects on a person. In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers enrolled 20 healthy adults for the research.

One of the main aims of the researchers was to see the changes in the blood flow when one consumes different types of sugar. The study, which has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, has found that fructose does not let one feel full.

However, Dr. Jonathan Purnell from Science University in Portland said that they would like to make it clear that by revealing that fructose does not make one feel fuller, does not mean that it is the cause of obesity.

"This study provides an interesting look at how the brain reacts to different chemicals found in foods, but how this might impact obesity", said Connie Diekman, from Washington University in St. Louis.