Parish Aims at Ending Dementia-Related Stigma

Parish Aims at Ending Dementia-Related StigmaSusan Parish, 62, had become afraid once when she discovered that she has been suffering from a rarest form of dementia i. e. posterior cortical atrophy. But, later she decided not to sit at home and mourn. Rather, she chose to go out in public and spread awareness about the same.

It has been found that she wanted to talk about her story to different people. And she had since then been determined to break the stigma prevailing in the society related to the disease.

She was 59-year-old when she was diagnosed with the illness and the retired nurse has been successful in making her neighbours more aware about dementia and Alzheimer's. Even she has made many patients of dementia learn to tolerate the illness without shame.

"See me, not my disease" named campaign is also being organized by the Alzheimer Society with an aim to end this stigma about the illness. Since, almost 40% of people feel avoided because of their illness and they do not talk about the same for they fear they would be treated differently.

"I felt I would be more comfortable making mistakes or doing something silly amongst people who would know me. I wouldn't be totally by myself", Parish said.