Awareness About Hidden Nasties in Food Items Needed

Change4LifeIt is expected that one must know everything about his claimed favorite food item. However, it was shocking to find that people in England are unaware of salt, sugar and fat quantity present in their favorite food items.

A quiz was carried out by the Department of Health, which has revealed that majority of people were unaware of contents present in snacks, take away meals and read-to -eat food items. Food IQ quiz was carried out as part of Change4Life campaign.

The quiz, which had 12 questions, included 2,000 people. A number of questions were asked from them with regard to contents present in food items and other related questions. After assessing the answers, it was found that more than 77% were unaware of contents in food items.

To cite an example, people were unaware of the fact a fat free strawberry yoghurt contains more amount of sugar than a bowl of cornflakes. Health experts found the findings even more shocking because people who were unable to correctly answer were the ones who wanted to remain fit.

"It's really important to be aware of what hidden nasties may be in your food, and to know what you're putting in your or your family's bodies", said Ainsley Harriott, an ambassador for Change4Life campaign.