Comedian Bill Bailey Leads Fundraising Campaign for Prostate Cancer

Bill-BaileyThe man known to make the nation laugh has now made efforts to raise money for a fundraising campaign for the most prevalent form of cancer in men. Bill Bailey, a renowned comedian, is leading the campaign to raise money for prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is known to be a type of cancer that is most common among men and fourth most prevalent type of cancer overall. Published by the Prostate Cancer UK, the figures revealed that this cancer has death rate comparable to breast cancer in women.

The killer cancer in men received some £853 per case diagnosed under the annual research expenses. The comedian is now fronting a campaign against the disease to raise money under the Sledgehammer Fund.

The number of men affected from the disease is rising at an alarming rate and as per recent reports, it is known to kill one man every hour. It affects about 250,000 in the UK at present and experts say it will be the most common type of cancer in the country by 2030.

"To quote myself, do yourself a favor, do your Dad a favor, do your son a favor, do mankind a favor. Help us crack prostate cancer once and for all", said Bill about the campaign.