Saturated Fat affects Sperm Composition and Count

Saturated Fat affects Sperm Composition and Count   It might surprise you, but it has been concluded in a study that consumption of saturated fat, like cheeses and meats have led to a decline in the composition of sperm.

The Danish study, which has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found that saturated fat items not only increase weight, but also lowers the composition of sperm. The study might astonish you, but it is not the first one, which has revealed problems due to intake of fat.

The study researchers have found that young Danish men, who have consumed saturated fat in abundance, are the ones, which have seen a decline of 38% in sperm concentration. Not only this, the study researchers also found a 41% decline in sperm count in their semen.

Lead researcher Tina Jensen from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, said that in order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers carried out study on 701 young Danish men. All the men were around 20 years old and got medical checks ups for military between 2008 and 2010.

"We cannot say that it has a causal effect, but I think other studies have shown that saturated fat intake has shown a connection to other problems", said Tina.