Vitamin D Supplements Fail to Ease Knee Pain in Osteoarthritis

Vitamin D Supplements Fail to Ease Knee Pain in OsteoarthritisA team of researchers has now studied vitamin D so as to determine if the same could help in averting knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Since, the disease is a joint disorder and vitamin D is an essential component when it comes to bone health.

Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis, which if worsens causes one to get knee-replacement surgery, the report reveals. However, the same causes severe pain in knees of patients; it currently lacks a promising drug that could treat it.

The team recruited a total of 146 patients of ages 45 years and above with mild knee pain. Giving a half of them 2,000 units of vitamin D on a daily basis, it was found that the supplements had no major effect on patients' knee pain.

The researchers say that the belief that high levels of Vitamin D slow down the disease progression is wrong. The serum 25-hydroxy supplements given to raise blood levels of partakers also were having no impact.

"The symptoms usually start somewhat gradually with mild pain that may be intermittent, but over the years can intensify, become persistent and ultimately lead people to seek medical attention", Tufts Medical Center's Dr. Timothy McAlindon was quoted as avowing.