New Facebook App that Determines Avoidable Person

New Facebook App that Determines Avoidable PersonSometimes, when one gets flu or cold and the same irate him badly, he wants to put the blame simply on someone else. A recent report discovers that now every person would be having a platform where he could find who to blame for the same.

A new Facebook app has come into picture as a comical distraction, which can identify who should be avoided by a person who is ill. The aim of chief executive and co-founder of Help Remedies Richard Fine and colleagues was to discover some social media tool, which can provide comfort to people feeling low.

The app is being claimed to have the feature of determining which of one's friends has probably infected them. The app scrolls a person's news feed so as to look for the one who is sick.

The app has been dubbed as 'Help, My Friend Gave Me the Flu'. It is being said that the same sifts through users' news feed for keywords in their status updates. Also, it in turn alerts the user if it finds anyone in his circle as probably spreading bad germs.

'It scrubs through your social media contacts looking for coughing, sneezing, "I feel run down" - all those keywords', the team says.