Beta Blockers Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Beta Blockers Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s diseaseAccording to a recent research, it has been revealed that beta blockers, which are taken to treat blood pressure, can also be used to prevent brain to bring alterations related to Alzheimer's disease.

The study, presented at the annual meeting of American Academy of Neurology, was taken out on autopsies of 774 Japanese-American men, who confirmed that their brain can be studied after their deaths.

Researchers said after assessing the brain, they found that those men, who had taken beta blockers, had fewer lesions in the brain and there was less brain shrinkage as well. In addition, the study researchers have also added to the existing evidence that high blood pressure creates problem in brain.

The study taken out by a group of researchers from Pacific Health Research and Education Institute in Honolulu has compared the beta blocker taking group with people, who were taking other medications to control hypertension.

Dr. Charles DeCarli, the director of Alzheimer's disease Center, said further research is needed in the matter. There is a hint that beta blockers are beneficial for preventing Alzheimer's and other mental illness, but further study is needed, which can further authenticate the facts.