Cat Owners Feeding Treats to Obese pets

Cat Owners Feeding Treats to Obese petsRecently, a survey was carried out by Cats Protection, a Sussex-based animal charity, which has found that cat owners are excessively feeding their cats. It has been seen that cat owners continue to provide special food treats to cats despite knowing that the pet is getting overweight.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers carried out a survey on 1,120 cat owners. Surveyors have found that 70% of cat owners continue to treat their cats despite knowing that it is getting slightly or very overweight and that too once a week.

In fact, there are 28% cat owners, who continue to treat their pets once a time each day. Christmas dinner, chocolate, Christmas pudding and stuffing were some of the treat provided to cats by their owners.

Maggie Roberts, the director of veterinary services at Cats Protection, said, "The survey showed that Britain's overweight cats continue to be fed too many treats, which owners principally did out of love, habit or a desire".

Not only this, the survey has been able to make one more thing clear that it is not uncommon to provide treats to cats. It shall have to be noted that such things will make cats ill.