Football Players Likely To Suffer From Serious Problems with Cognition: Study

Football Players Likely To Suffer From Serious Problems with Cognition: StudyA research has indicated that football players are more likely to fall victim to depression and develop serious problems with cognition. For the research, a team led by Dr. John Hart Jr., medical science director at the Center for Brain Health and director of the Brain Health Institute for Athletes at the University of Texas at Dallas examined 34 former NFL players.

The team found that from 34 players tested during the research. 20 actually didn't show anything serious in terms of cognition, while eight reported to have suffered from depression and 14 fall victim to mental issues, making them all the more vulnerable to dementia.

The study found football players more sensitive to such injuries, but it failed to justify as to what makes more vulnerable than others as in there are reports which show that players with multiple concussions didn't show serious side effects like others.

Recently, there has been a case of degenerative brain disease CTE heard in case of former NFL player Junior Seau and that's what sparked the discussion all over again about the potential effects of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries on NFL players.

"It's clear that concussions can pose an increased risk of developing cognitive problems and mood problems later in life", said Hart.