No Pains for Fish, says a New Study

No Pains for Fish, says a New StudyScientists' recent discoveries are talking about fish as their newest study reveals that fish do not feel any pain.

Yes, according to the latest findings of the experts, fish do not have a brain system or enough sensory receptors in their nerve cells, as the effect of which, they do not feel pain or experience any suffering.

No hooking or other wound causes fish any pain, they just fight for their lives, reveal the research led by an international team.

Above statements followed the findings of the experiments that were run by the professionals in which they inserted needles into the jaws of rainbow trout. They noticed that the large injections of acid or bee venom, which would cause severe pain to any human, were not much felt by the trout and they showed very little effect to them," Mr. Jim Rose, professor of zoology and physiology at the University of Wisconsin, who led the project, said.

Also, fish quickly (within minutes) resumed to its normal activity after surgical procedures, confirmed the team of seven scientists that conducted the research. The above research was published in the journal Fish and Fisheries.

Experts explained that the brains of fish do not have the highly developed neocortex, which is responsible for feeling all the pains. They added that like humans, fish also experience unconsciousness and other basic responses but they do not feel any pain.