Women Can Wear Red to Impress in Office; Study Reveals

Women Can Wear Red to Impress in Office; Study RevealsIn many of the offices, it has been found that female staff by wearing hot pants, miniskirts, and low-cut tops simply amuses the male staff off their work. To avoid such a situation, recently, a survey was carried out by the British Heart Foundation to know what women believe about their official dress code.

In total, 1000 women were surveyed during this attempt.

In particular, women were asked about the Red Color. Do they feel comfortable wearing it and if yes, then what kind of an attitude this color helps them carry.

To learn this women psychology; psychology specialist Gayle Brewer from the University of Central Lancashire too joined in hands with the Foundation.

As a result, the team got to know that two out of five women believe red color makes them more confident in terms of their professional attitude. Therefore, by wearing their best of red dresses and suits; women clearly indicate their perfection and buoyancy for work.

As told Dr Brewer to the Daily Telegraph, "The clothes and colours we wear have a real impact on the way we feel. The colour red is associated with confidence and power".

Well, on the other hand, there were 29% women who accepted to be coward for wearing red colour more often.