Milk and Milk Products Boost Brain Power

Milk and Milk Products Boost Brain PowerLast year, it was chocolate that was found to be behind the betterment of brain power and this year, it is milk and its products.

According to a research published in the New England Journal of Medicine last year in which a strong relationship between a nation's chocolate consumption and Nobel laureate expertise was reported. It was cogitated that the flavonoid content of chocolate is very effective in enhancing the brain power. Continuing this study further, the authors concluded milk or milk products also to be behind the brain command.

They found that countries in which milk and milk products are consumed on a large scale tend to win a lot of Nobel prizes.

Reason behind this is that chocolate is often combined with milk; therefore, the real secret behind the success of Nobel Prize Winning could be the amount of milk or milk products consumed per person.

For conducting this study, authors analyzed the 2007 data from the Food and Agriculture Organization on per capita milk consumption for 22 different countries. Along with this, they also studied the information over chocolate theory. As a result, a significant link was determined.

Sweden, with a population of 10 million, hit the list with maximum Nobel laureates. At the same time, it was revealed to be the country consuming most of the milk every year: around 340 kilos (750lb) per head.