Coca Cola to Fight Obesity in Commercials

Coca Cola to Fight Obesity in CommercialsCoca Cola, the Atlanta based company has taken a step forward to fight against Obesity through advertisement. The world's No. 1 beverage company will begin airing a two minute commercial during the highest rated shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. These ads will show that Coca Cola provides drinks with lesser calories and there are other factors responsible for obesity other than Soda.

According to recent studies, sugary drinks cause people to pack on the pounds, independent of other behavior. A long study done on 33,000 Americans proved that the intake of cold drinks increases risk of obesity manifold.

Michael Jacobson, executive director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, was skeptical about Coca-Cola's ads and said that the company would stop fighting soda taxes if it was serious about helping reduce obesity.

But Coca Cola denied this and said that they have aired these commercials for public interest and are concerned about their health. Their idea is to raise awareness about its lower-calorie drinks. The advertisement clearly clears the myth of 900 calories associated with the drink.

And the results are clear from the sale figures. In North America, there is growth in sale figures of low calorie and no calorie drinks. And, with the growing sale of diet cokes, overall soda consumption in the U. S. has declined steadily since 1998.