Dr. Google v/s Real Time Doctors

Dr. Google v/s Real Time DoctorsA new trend of consulting Doctor online has been portrayed by a survey from the Pew Research Center in Washington; D. C. and the Doctor online is Dr. Google.

About 35% of U. S. adults use internet to figure out medical prescription for some common diseases like cough and cold. Serious diseases are still with full time doctors.

According to lead researcher Susannah Fox, web is where lot of people start searching for a diagnose to any medical problem. But she clarifies that it's only the first step that is online and only one-third people ended up finding a solution on the web. The survey clearly showed that most support on medical ailments happened offline.

Even doctors got a hit and were concerned about popularity of internet over their practice. But they got relieved on seeing that patients still considered them for serious diseases and not Dr. Google. According to physician Ted Etyan, best of both the worlds is available for the patients and even doctors are available online for round the clock support.

The online search is condemned by Dave deBronkart, a cancer survivor from Nashua, N. H., who blogs as "e-patient Dave," and is co-founder of the non-profit Society for Participatory Medicine.

But still, 77%people still start online search on search engines as a first step. Though there are chances of inaccurate information but still people should read more and more online and consult their doctors about what they find, according to Rahul Parikh, a pediatrician in Walnut Creek, Calif.