Fish Health Has No Connection with Dredging, Says Report

fish-healthA recent report released by Queensland Environment Minister Andrew Powell has claimed that fish health is in no way linked to water quality. However, he is still awaiting another report into Gladstone Harbour.

The report has shown that fish health has improved to a significant extent over time. More details are still being looked for and for the same, fish samples are continuing to be tested. A lot of tissue samples, including crustaceans, different types of fish as well as mollusks, are still under process.

It is being said that there is no evidence that water quality has a link with the health of people or fish either. Scientists took into consideration 80 scientific and other reports before reaching at the conclusion. The tests have until now only hinted that fish sickness is a consequence of natural causes and not dredging in the harbour.

Meanwhile, it has been found that a massive dredging program is going on so that Gladstone Port could be expanded for the gas industry as a primary export hub.

"We want that data finalized by the laboratories before we put one final report out and that will close off the investigation into fish health and links to water quality", Mr. Powell avowed.