Sugar is a Diet Evil, prove researchers

Sugar is a Diet Evil, prove researchersThis news leaves no space for any excuse to include sugar in the diet of all those people, who want to lose weight because scientists have recently declared it as an evil, yes, and one very sweet evil.

Findings of a just-in comprehensive NZ medical study are confirming that sugar is a diet evil, which if is cut down can help people lose weight. It was after examining 8000 trials and 10,000 observational studies that researchers noticed that by cutting down sugar intake over a medium term can help an adult lose 0.8 kilograms of his weight whereas increasing sugar intake could lead to a 0.75kg increase in weight.

The above major research has been published today showcasing some of the strongest backing for claims that suggest dieters weaning themselves off sugar see their waistlines shrink early than the ones, who cannot leave sugar in their diet.

Researchers at Otago University performed the above study (commissioned by the World Health Organization) to learn the effects of sugar, the findings of which were published in the British Medical Journal clearly revealing that cutting down on the sweetener would definitely see a reduction in the body weight no matter small but yes, definitely a significant one.

Moreover, the findings of the above study are also recommending that battling sugary diets must be included as a part of a global strategy to tackle the obesity epidemic.