More Milk Consumption May Make You a Noble Laureate

MilkPublished in the British journal Practical Neurology, a new study conducted by researchers at the Gloucester Royal Hospital in the United Kingdom reveals a bizarre fact. It claims that the number of Nobel Prizes won per capita by a nation is dependent upon the amount of milk consumed per capita by its citizens.

The team says that there is evidence for the findings. Sweden, if seen, is most linked with Nobel prizes. It should be noticed that the people in the nation on an average consume some 772 lb. of milk each in a year time. And the number of Nobel prizes for every 10 million Swedes is 31.855.

A report was published the earlier year that claimed that the Noble wins are accounted by the amount of chocolate consumption. This is what forced Sarah Linthwaite and Geraint N. Fuller to find a link between Nobel Prizes and milk.

They did not find a cause-and-effect relationship between the two, but for sure discovered link between consumption of milk and dairy products and number of Nobel laureates. Another example they cited was China, which they say has reported 0.06 Nobel Prizes for every 10 million people. People there drink only 110 lb. milk a year averagely.

The team says that this is likely because milk rich in vitamin D boosts brain power.