Early Marijuana Use More Likely in Poor Kids

Early Marijuana Use More Likely in Poor KidsIt was stated lately after a study that pot smoking during teenage can prove harmful later. It can lead to lower IQs at an age of 38 years or so. Now, the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research's Ole Rogeberg and colleagues from Oslo say that a salient influence might have been missed by the study.

The team says that had the study focused on social economic status, it could have found that poverty is a factor that probably predisposes a large number of kids to use of marijuana. Poor children are less likely to be predisposed to cognitively stimulating environments.

On the other hand, it was clearly noticed after following a cohort of New Zealanders from their birth to late 30s that kids from family environments had lesser odds to indulge in early pot smoking or heavy practice of the same. Higher IQs were also more likely in them.

Marijuana when smoked in teenage caused participants to have IQs lower by five to six points. The ones who did not smoke scored better on the tests.

"Consider the self-selecting aspect of early, heavy pot-smokers - low-income, less stimulating environments, a range of IQs, and poorer life prospects - the "true effect" of teenaged marijuana use could be zero", Rogeberg affirmed.