Mental Health Care needs to be Improved, says Obama

Mental Health Care needs to be Improved, says ObamaSince the shootings have taken place in Newtown last month, one of the biggest agendas in the to-do list of President Obama is to improve mental care. Mental health advocates have been supporting Obama in the task.

Obama has made it clear that he wants to reduce number of violence cases taking place in the country. In order to bring satisfactory result, he needs to make an improvement by bringing suitable changes in the mental health care.

Dewey Cornell, who is the director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project, said that they were quite happy to know the plans of Obama. Cornell said that a number of actions are needed to accomplish the target and no single action can resolve the matter. It is great that Obama has started thinking in that direction.

Michael Fitzpatrick, who is positioned as the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, said that he was quite impressed with the speech of Obama.

Michael affirmed that Obama correctly said in his speech that majority of people with mental illness are not violent. This sentence will shows its effect while helping to reduce stigma attached with mental illness. "These are things we've been asking for, for years", said he.