Tweeting May Help Shed Excess Weight

Tweeting May Help Shed Excess WeightA recent research has claimed that Twitter may help one shedding excess weight as compared to those grilling themselves on weight-loss machines. It has been claimed by researchers from the University of South Carolina that those who share their weight loss updates on Twitter are likely to get more benefit.

As part of the six-month-long research, as many as 100 overweight and obese people were roped in and it was also noted that all of them have a body mass index greater than 25. They were further divided into two groups, while one was made to follow an informational podcast; another group was given an additional weight loss app and a Twitter app.

It was found after the research that both the groups have lost an average 2.7% weight, but those who received support from Twitter group, they were very much content with the entire process of weight loss. The researchers went on to claim that with every 10 Tweets, as much as 0.5% weight loss occurred.

"A downfall is that there's a lot of incorrect information out there as well. So if you're going to get something off of Twitter, you want to go for something that is reputable", said registered dietician Holly Herrington, who works at the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago.