Majority of Sunbeds in UK Fail to Meet British and European Safety Standards

sunbedsAs per a report published in the British Journal of Dermatology, it has been revealed that a majority of sunbeds in use in the UK are unsafe. The revelation was made when it was found that nine out of 10 sunbeds have failed to meet the British and European safety standards.

The study researchers from the University of Dundee said they had assessed the ultraviolet radiations emitted by the sunbeds not even once but twice. However, then also they did not find the sunbeds to be meeting the standards set by the authorities concerned.

The risk of contracting skin cancer was found to be twice more than lying in the Mediterranean sun in the mid-afternoon. The Cancer Research UK also agrees with the University of Dundee that 90% of the sunbeds are unsafe for health.

Lead author Professor Harry Moseley is expecting that the study findings will encourage people to make a conscious decision as whether or not they should use sunbeds.

"It's worrying to see that so many sunbeds in England are not meeting the safety standards", said Senior Health Information Officer at Cancer Research UK Yinka Ebo. Ebo suggested that people should not use sunbeds as they are not worth it.