Stealth Wear – Invisibility Cover for Spying Cog

Stealth-WearA Stealth Wear hoodie has recently been designed by Adam Harvey, which is being claimed to act as an invisibility cloak fighting the spying equipment i. e. surveillance cameras.

The drones are used everywhere so as to snoop on each and every person while skulking the skies. It is being said that the tool works in a very simple way as it blocks thermal radiation. And this is what the drones actually perceive.

It is not the only thing that Harvey belonging to New York has come up with as CVDazzle of the same category is also brought. It has been told that CVDazzle is a makeup, which thwarts face-recognition applications. And a cell phone pouch is on the list that is being promised to block radio signals, thus preventing tracking.

Coming back to the hoodie, it is expensive to be produced. Though, it is amid claims that it would be available on stores, it would hardly be purchasable from the ordinary ones. The hoodie would not allow the drones to sense the body heat and they could only see the body parts, which would not be concealed under the Stealth Wear.

"I'm very interested in seeing how this will play out in terms of how we treat other's data and how we balance security with privacy", Harvey exclaimed.