Solihull Hospital Wards Closes Due to Norovirus

NorovirusVisits to hospitals are barred after the outbreak of winter vomiting bug `norovirus'. Wards number 15 and 19 are closed till the weekend at Solihull Hospital. The hospital stopped visitors from pouring in to visit their ailing relatives or friends, except those in Intensive Care Unit or Outpatients Department. But this exception is also for only those patients who haven't faced any vomiting or diarrhea symptoms prior to any visit by a visitor.

But, the hospital has the facility of phone at every bed side so that all relatives and friends can make calls rather than visiting. Visits have been barred taking in consideration the high contagious level of this winter bug. According to doctors, this virus is easily communicable in winters and is highly communicable. Those are most expected to be affected by the virus that have week immunity or are with in contact with the infected person.

The virus's symptoms include vomiting or diarrhea as just in case of flue. The general public is requested to maintain proper hygiene levels so as to stop the bug's contraction. This infection is easily transmitted even with a hand-to-hand contact.