Burj Khalifa Set to Reopen Feb. 14

Burj Khalifa Set to Reopen Feb. 14One of the most recognized and tallest landmarks of the World- Burj Khalifia would reopen on February 14. The building was closed following the trapping of a group of visitors, stuck in an elevator at its 124th- floor observation deck.

The developer of the 160-story building-Emaar Properties, however, preferred to keep mum on the matter amid growing fear among folks over security issues. While a spokesman for Dubai's civil defense department confirmed the incident happened due to malfunctioning of the elevator.

However, there are no reports of anyone suffered injuries due to incident happened in the elevator provided by United Technologies Corp.'s Otis unit, according to Deputy Director of Operations at Dubai's Center for Ambulance Services.

Developer of Burj Khalifa, Emaar Properties PJSC said that all technical issues are being solved, bringing change in power supply mechanism to avoid such mishaps in future.