Obese People Have More Chances of Car Accidents: Study

Obese People Have More Chances of Car Accidents: StudyA US study has reported a very shocking result that says that obese people are more likely to die in car crashes. US Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) has provided a data that says that obese people were bound to meet severe car collisions than the normal weight people.

From 1996 to 2008, a report carried 57,491 road traffic collisions. Researchers were looking for collisions where two passenger seats were involved. In the study, there was a focus on collisions of both the parties, and 3,403 pairs of drivers were selected. For them, data on weight, age, seat belt use and airbag deployment were considered.

Half of these drivers were of normal weight and one-third was overweight. Moreover, 10% out of these were obese. This has been revealed in a statement by California.

Analysis discovered that more is the weight of a person, more are the chances of meeting with an accident. In the initial stage of analysis, it was concluded that obese drivers of level 1 had 21% chances of meeting an accident. Drivers characterizing level 2 obesity had 51% chances of road collision. Level 3 showed 80% chances of accidents. Moving deeper, it was seen that obese women were more likely to meet road collision.