Barack Obama Supports Gay Equality and Health Care Programs

Barack Obama Supports Gay Equality and Health Care ProgramsPresident Barack Obama has strongly supported gay equality during his second inaugural address. Barack Obama has urged Americans to end discrimination.

Also, Americans are looking forward to recognition of same-sex marriage across various states of America. Barack Obama also discussed other issues during the 19 minute address to the nation.

As per officials organizing the inauguration ceremony, almost one million people attended the ceremony. The subway authority figures pointed at other stats. 675k people used subway, compared to higher numbers registered during 2009 event.

Barack Obama stressed that the health care programs will be preserved by the government. The need for gun control was also discussed along with changes in immigration laws. President Obama also presented his views on taking strong measures for climate change.

As per recent report from US Census Bureau, mean US household income declined by 1.5% to $50,054 between year 2010 and 2011. The household income is 8.9% lower compared to the peak attained in year 1999. It will be a big challenge for Barack Obama administration to keep the jobless figures lower and increase household earnings for Americans.