Dr. C.N. R. Rao Wins China's Top Science Award

Dr. C.N. R. Rao Wins China's Top Science AwardAs per the revelations of a recent report, Dr. C N R Rao has been awarded with China's top science award. The 2012 Award for International Scientific Cooperation was given away by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) the previous day.

The winner scientist from India has gifted science with the boosts to Sino-India scientific cooperation. 79-year-old Rao is Bangalore's Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research's (JNCASR) founder, it has been found. He has also raised the scientific capabilities of developing countries.

He has shared the award with Herbert Jaeckle from Max Planck Society in Germany, who is an expertise in the domain of molecular developmental biology. Also the award has been shared with G A Zherebtsov, Russian space physicist, who was also a nominee.

The report finds that Rao is the Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister at present. He is also devoted to the structural and solid-state chemistry research.

CAS is the top academic and research institution for natural sciences in China, which has till date honoured a total of 17 international scientists. All of them have made big contributions in Sino-Foreign research cooperation after the institution of the prize in the year 2007.