Contaminants of Rena being studied

Contaminants of Rena being studiedAs per reports, it has been revealed that water present near the Tauranga coast has got contaminated due to the wreck of Rena, a container ship. The contamination has taken place at the Astrolabe Reef.

It is exactly the same place where the ship grounded in 2011. The Rena Recovery Monitoring Group said that they have been studying the contaminated samples of sediments. Through the same, the group has been trying to know more about the contaminants.

After assessing the sample, the group has found copper and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, said Te Awanui Black, who is the head of Tauranga Moana a Toi Iwi Leaders' Group. The discovery of the two is quite worrisome.

Black said that members will remain in talks with the group officials. They will make sure that the contaminants do not cause any sort of harm to marine life. It has been said that any potential negative effects will be lessened with immediate effects.

"Sediment samples have shown elevated levels of contaminants including copper and PAH's (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) which are known contaminants that were lost to sea from the Rena and its cargo", said Professor Chris Battershill, who has been working at the University of Waikato.