Qatar’s PM announces support for publicity listed companies

Qatar-EconomyQatar's prime minister told that Qatar "stands by" its publicly listed companies.

After meeting with chairmen of the companies, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber Al-Thani told reporters, "The companies' performances unfortunately don't reflect on their prices on the market. The prices in the market are low right now."

In the past three months, the DSM 20 Index of publicly listed Qatari companies has fallen by 3.3 percent. The country's biggest lender, Qatar National Bank and Doha Bank QSC reported a hike in net income previous year.

The prime minister told, "Thank God we support our companies, we stand by them and we passed through the turbulence and now we have to see how we can go forward."

By subscribing to two capital increases and agreeing to purchases real estate previous year, the Qatari government was able to strengthen domestic banks.