Morgantown women learn how to fight off heart diseases

Morgantown women learn how to fight off heart diseases The Waterfront Hotel Plaza in Morgantown on Saturday morning was full of women of all ages dressed in red.

They gathered in the hotel to learn about heart disease while also having a little fun. The heart disease awareness event was organized as part of Mon General Hospital’s partnership with the American Heart Association.

Cindy Jaworski, co-organizer of the event, said, “We see so many women that come into the hospital with heart disease and we're trying to promote heart health awareness in women.”

Jaworski added that the focus of the event was on stress and its impact on the heart. Experts shared how stress could negatively impact heart, leading to various heart diseases. Experts also suggested the various ways to minimize stress and avoid potential heart diseases.

Helene Moncman, of American Heart Association, said that most women believed that there greatest risk was cancer or some other cancer-related disease, but heart diseases killed more women every year than all cancers combined.

The experts urged people to make healthy choices, such as nutritious eating and physical exercise, to help fight off heart diseases.