Sound Sleep Boosts Memory

Sound Sleep Boosts MemoryA study has revealed that an increase in number of sleeping hours can modify brain. This can reverse the rotting of memory with ageing.

In the journal Nature Neuroscience, it has been shown that there is a link between ageing of brain and number of sleeping hours. Through experiments, it has been proven that the memory can suffer because of less sleep.

Even many people may have observed that both memory and sleeping problems occur in later years. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, said that it was difficult to comprehend whether sleep, memory and brain were separate signs of ageing or were they interconnected.

Experiments were performed on 36 people. A region of the brain, called the medial prefronal cortex, was used by the team of scientists to predict how deep the sleep is. This section of brain is very significant but with age, it degrades.

Amount of sleep was then linked to the memory of the person. Young people who took loads of quality sleep, performed better. "Taken all together, the deterioration of the brain leads to the deterioration of sleep to the deterioration of memory", said one of the researchers, Dr. Matthew Walker.