Foods to Keep the Heart Healthy

Foods to Keep the Heart HealthyStudies have stressed that a Mediterranean diet is the best option to keep the heart healthy, and now, the Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource's February issue has managed to present the essential components of this popular diet, in addition to detailing the reasons as to why it is known as the heart-healthy eating routine.

The diet includes a good amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are a part of every meal. These are naturally low in fat and sodium and also have no cholesterol. Also, the bread, pastas and rice included in the Mediterranean diet are made from while grains instead of grains. These are one of the best sources of fiber and contain various minerals and vitamins.

Fat is gained from mostly healthy sources, and olive oil is the primary fat used in Mediterranean cooking.

Red meat's consumption is almost nil, while consumption of wine is also moderate. Light alcohol consumption manages to cut the risk of heart diseases.

More inclusion of fish or shellfish in the diet, lesser amounts of dairy products and eating some nuts and seeds everyday are also important components of a Mediterranean diet.