Controversy over Compulsory Vaccine Shot

Stewart Hall Charged for Breaching Sunbed LawsIn a study, it has been revealed that people who get vaccinated for flu have nearly 50% chances of not falling sick. This has created hue and cry at various quarters and thus, created debate over the fact whether influenza vaccine should be made compulsory for the health-workers.

Presently, there is no rule in this regard. Public health officials and epidemiologists confirm the fact that they should get a shot of the vaccine as it can prevent spreading of the disease.

In this direction, Health Sciences North in Sudbury, Ont., has made it compulsory for all its forefront health workers to wear surgical masks if they have not had a flu shot. North Bay Regional Health Centre has made it mandatory for the staff to get vaccinated with Tamiflu.

Members of Union are angry with this development. Ontario Council of Hospital Unions President Michael Hurley said it acts like a deadline: "Take the vaccine or you'll be fired". Hurley said that some workers will not find taking vaccine as right, either because of their personal beliefs or allergies that the vaccine can create.

This opposition from the Union has delayed the process of making the vaccine shot compulsory for all the health workers.