Stewart Hall Charged for Breaching Sunbed Laws

Stewart Hall Charged for Breaching Sunbed LawsA school girl, 15, had to spend hours in the hospital when she was illegally allowed to use sunbed. Stewart Hall, 43, has been prosecuted and has been fined in the legal action. This is the first case in the history of sunbed safety laws.

Magistrates said that the girl was not asked to prove her age and was not provided with protective goggles for safety. No safety instructions were given to the girl. After two days, she was sent to the hospital. She is presently in excruciating pain.

The Sunbeds Act, which came into force in April 2011, does not allow under-18 children to enter sunbeds. On breaching the act, the owners can face fines of up to £20,000. This act also prevents youngsters from "restricted zones".

In defense, Chelsea Thomas, said that when the teenager approached Hall, she told that she was 18. Hall did not ask for any proof as he thought that the girl was mature enough to know what to do.

Girl's mother was found saying, "I do not want this to happen to another child. I want to raise awareness of the issue. She was in agony and could barely walk. It was horrible to see".