Allow GPs to Charge Foreign Visitors for Primary Care: LMC

Allow GPs to Charge Foreign Visitors for Primary Care: LMCLMC leaders fear a trend of `health tourism' anytime soon and, therefore, as per the revelations of a recent report, they have made an appeal to LMC leaders that they should allow GPs that they charge for primary care from overseas visitors in case, they have any doubt that they are not eligible for the same.

More than half of all GPs are of the belief that NHS entitlements are too liberal for migrants, as revealed by Pulse. It has informed that some GP practices are even not ready to register patients since they suspect them as illegal or failed refuge seekers.

Therefore, the Home Office as well as the Department of health has been asked by Bedfordshire and Herfordshire LMC in a letter that `difficulties' being faced largely by GP practices while seeing visitors should be tackled sooner as possible in an effective manner.

The letter received by the Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper, local MPs and health secretary Jeremy Hunt also reads that visitors should have their eligibility on the passport.

"If there is any doubt, GPs and hospitals should be instructed to charge patients and leave it up to the patient to make a case that they should be reimbursed", said the letter.