Thinking of Oneself as Superhero in Virtual Life and Act as One in Real Life

Thinking of Oneself as Superhero in Virtual Life and Act as One in Real LifeScientists from Stanford University have conducted a study that says that the simulation of superhero can make one behave like the one.

The researchers made a virtual environment where the volunteers were provided with an air-based mission where some had the Superman-ability to fly and others were given a helicopter to take a trip. After this, the ones who were given the power to fly helped their companions.

They were allocated two tasks. One was to find a missing diabetic child and the second one for exploring a virtual city. Irrespective of the work allotted, the one who was given superman abilities performed better in real life.

The participants were given virtual reality headsets to take them into a computer-generated city which was abandoned after earthquake forewarning. The ones who were Superman were raising their arms to co-ordinate speed and direction. Those who were in the helicopter did not show anything like this.

Further, each volunteer was asked to take seat. In the meanwhile, researchers took away their equipment. The ones, who flew like Superman, immediately picked up the pens.

Explanation for the observation says that the ones who played the role of Superman in virtual reality resulted in players to 'think' like superheroes. This made them help people.