Responsibility on Shoulders of Wexham Park Hospital's A&E Department

Wexham-Park-HospitalsWith mercurial rise in the number of patients, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is finding the state of affairs difficult to handle. It is experiencing a significant amount of pressure on its A&E department.

There has been an increase of 7% in number of patients visiting A&E department. People have shown discomfort over the `crisis' encompassing the unit.

To meet the rising demand of patients, there is strong urgency in the manner in which it is tackled. Philippa Slinger, chief executive, said they are doing their best to deliver services to the patients. According to Ms. Slinger, for them patient care is at high priority. In the information provided by Slinger, she said that the doctors have been working late in the evening.

Though the number of patients is more than expected, the hospital is continuing to work with all the health partners. Rather than succumbing to the pressure, the hospital authorities say that they have tried to resolve all incompetencies.

When asked from the patients, there was a revelation of visible amount of dissatisfaction. One of the patients, Robert Quarterman's wife Jennifer, was left on a trolley in the corridor for hours. It's not just one but there many instances of this kind that have been seen in the corridors of the hospital. The department still seems to tackle the problem.