Experts Speak on Microsoft Surface Pro

Experts Speak on Microsoft Surface ProIt is becoming tough to state that whether Microsoft's Surface Pro should be called as a delight or blamed for being a disaster.

Last year in June was announced about the Microsoft's biggest ever shift in a generation when came the news of a new software for a company that made fully fledged computers.

Yes, the Seattle-based company has did its best to change the face of computing with its new product, which it called as Microsoft Surface, a tablet that has been designed with a unique cover to not only give a protection to the keyboard but also to give it a better look than any other rival.

The company released that the first version of its product would run a cut down version of Windows while the second one i. e. Surface Pro would do everything that other computers can do.

It is today that the Surface Pro has finally gone on sale in America and so the company believes that there is a lot of work that is still has to be done.

The original Surface has earned really positive reviews but researchers from analysts at Canalys fear that a mere three percent of tablets shipped in the last quarter of 2012 actually used a Microsoft operating system.