Nearly 25,000 Genuine Patients Face Removal from GP List

Nearly 25,000 Genuine Patients Face Removal from GP ListNHS was since long concerned that it might have been wasting millions of pounds by paying money to GPs for the treatment of `ghost' patients. Therefore, staff at different practices had been asked to look their registers carefully.

The staff members were told to simply remove the names of patients, who have either moved away or have died. But, as per the findings, the order has resulted in a blunder.

It has been found that almost 4,030 patients have been struck off the GP lists by mistake over the previous year. Amid a cost-cutting drive by NHS, approximately 25,000 patients have been removed from GP lists mistakenly, if the results are replicated around England. Many trusts had failed to provide information as requested by Freedom of Information.

It is being said that most of the genuine patients are likely from the elderly group. They now would need to re-register for their treatment, which would require provision of address and a valid ID proof by them.

Somerset's senior GP Dr. Barry Moyse avowed, "It's risky - patients taken off lists will miss out on invitations to smear tests, breast cancer screening and immunization. It's throwing the baby out with the bathwater".