Alexandra Sets New Example for Child’s Love for Mother

Alexandra Sets New Example for Child’s Love for MotherThis is what clearly depicts the mother-child love. Mothers are known for sacrificing everything for their children. But, Singer Alexandra Burke has shown what a child can do for her mother. Despite knowing that she may lose her ability to conceive, Burke offered her kidney to her ill mother.

The star's mother, Melissa Bell, 48, has been suffering from kidney failure. At first, her condition had been highlighted by Burke on the X-Factor. It has been found that Burke has done everything possible for her to help her mother.

And now, the Bad Boys hit-maker has come up with the offering of a much-needed organ transplant, though she knows that her mother would most probably deny accepting. Melissa is already on the transplant list and spends eight hours on dialysis per day.

Melissa, former Soul II Soul star, would probably die if she does undergo the transplant, Burke has told. The singer's mother's blood type is also rare. However, Melissa may live 25 years on dialysis also, but the same would not allow her a proper life, the report finds.

"She didn't want to restrict me, but I was willing to adopt anyway... I've been very down about the situation. I've even had fans offering kidneys", told Burke.