Diet Drinks Turn Alcohol More Effective

Diet Drinks Turn Alcohol More EffectiveA team of Researchers from Northern Kentucky University has discovered that dietary drinks turn alcohol more effective than regular soft drinks. The researchers added that the artificially sugar drinks are found to turn alcohol more potent than regular sugary drinks.

The research was conducted on eight men and eight women, who were made to attend three sessions. They were given different drinks that consist of vodka with diet soft drink, vodka with normal soft drink, and a diet soft drink with no alcohol. They were asked to report how drunk they felt and will they be able to drive or not.

They were also breath-treated after the research. The result confirmed the fact that the people who consumed the vodka-diet cocktail have more score on the breath test than the others. Their blood has 18% more alcoholic contents than the one who had the vodka with regular soft drinks.

This difference was said to be significant by the author of the study, Cercile Marczinski, assistance professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University. She explained that the intake of a spirit with the dietary drinks can also be harmful for driving and is disadvantageous in long run.