“Save Our Surgery” Group Demands Operations to Continue in Leeds

“Save Our Surgery” Group Demands Operations to Continue in LeedsThe third hearing regarding child heart surgery in Leeds will be held on 18th February as the NHS body defended itself during Tuesday's hearing. NHS wants to stop operations in Leeds in order to provide better care in a few cities.

However, the "Save Our Surgery" group has challenged the decision made by Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts to stop Children's Heart Units at Leeds General Infirmary, Leicester's Glenfield Hospital and London's Royal Brompton.

If JCPCT seeks approval from the high court, then children who were to be treated in Leeds will have to go to Newcastle or Liver Pool.

A panel of experts has visited all the hospitals to give scores based on their performance. But "Save Our Surgery" group has questioned the criteria based on which the scores have been calculated for each hospital.

After Tuesday's hearing, Sir Neil McKay, chairman of the JCPCT said: "If we want to save more children's lives and reduce complications such as brain damage, we believe it's the right decision for the country".

Moreover, he added that the decision is in the best interests of children's future and we are aware of citizens' right to challenge the NHS decision. The high court has heard the consultations from both the sides and NHS is sure that the court will come up with a fair decision.