Doc Saves Own Life through Self-Invention

Doc Saves Own Life through Self-InventionTaking trials on new medicines and vaccines, Dr. Hayley Farmer herself got caught in a situation where she had to undergo a trial by herself. This 39-year-old woman was working in the team dealing with cancer medicines and patients on a daily basis and was herself unaware of presence of cervical cancer until a routine checkup brought up the problem in April 2007.

This Bristol resident was working as a team member in Cancer Research UK, which is responsible for the clinical trials on new medicines and vaccines prescribed for the treatment of various cancers. She saved her own life with one of the medicines, Cisplatin, on which she and her team had worked.

The problem of cervical cancer in the case of Farmer was too advanced for surgery that she has to undergo with the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, even before taking the pioneering medicine. She finally received all ok from her GP and is very grateful being a part of trial on her own self.

She adds, "I am appreciative of all the patients who go through clinical trials. In some cases it doesn't help them, but it helps people in the future". She also confessed that she joined the cancer unit as she lost her own grandmother suffering with same disease. But her own experience with cancer adds passion to her work.