Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi to roll out green initiatives

Masdar-InstituteThe oil rich United Arab Emirates has been looking opportunities to promote research and development activities in its academic institutes in line with its policy to diversify its oil and gas dominated economy.

Initially, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, financed by the state-operated Abu Dhabi Future Energy company, has been selected for the proposed R&D activities especially in the field of renewable energy and sustainable technology.

The Masdar Institute, through its researchers, would produce future leaders and commercially viable products in a bid to tap highly potential green-technology market. Twenty seven faculty members and 88 students from 22 countries are already handling various projects focused on green energy.

John Perkins, the provost at the institute hopes that it would produce 600 masters and doctoral students and 100 faculty members in coming five years paying special attention toward academic excellence. He expressed, "Good universities are all about getting good people on board and then building an environment in which those people can flourish."

The institute will avail services from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for developing course material and attracting best pool of researchers and faculty.