Johnson & Johnson to Pay Heavy Compensation to Teen

Johnson & Johnson to Pay Heavy Compensation to TeenRecent news has confirmed that Health care Company, Johnson & Johnson would have to pay a total of $109 million to a teenager after it was ruled by a Plymouth Superior Court jury on Wednesday. It had been found that Samantha Reckis had suffered from a serious drug reaction, which made her lose her skin after she consumed a pain reliever some 10 years ago.

It has been further shared that she was 7 when she took Motrin brand ibuprofen and subsequently suffered from a rare side effect, toxic epidermal necrolysis. This resulted in 90% of her skin getting lost and also she lost her sight.

It was also said by family attorney Brad Henry that the girl had even suffered from a short-term memory loss, which made surgeons operate on her. It didn't end there as she later suffered from respiratory problems, thereby losing
20% of lung capacity.

It was in 2007 that family filed lawsuit, charging the company of causing harm to the girl. During the five week trial, which ended on Wednesday, the jury found the company liable to pay the compensation of $50 million to Samantha and 6.5 million to each of her parents.

``The Reckis family has suffered a tragedy, and we sympathize deeply with them", said the McNeil unit of Johnson & Johnson Services Inc, based in New Brunswick, N. J., in a statement.