People Battling to Save Hospitals in London

People Battling to Save Hospitals in LondonAfter government recommended the closure of four A&E departments in north-west London, many campaigners came together to save the accident and emergency departments, maternity units and in-hospital care in the hospitals, stated the sources.

Many campaigners, who gathered to save hospitals from government's savage cost-cutting, include activists from Lewisham, Ealing, Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Central Middlesex, Whittington and Kingston.

As per the sources, recent months have witnessed tens of thousands of Londoners coming to the streets and campaigning in various protests against the cutbacks. The most imposing one was in Lewisham where almost 50,000 people marched to save the hospital's A&E department.

Sources reported that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ignored the protests and announced the decline of Lewisham’s A&E department. He also announced about the replacement of its maternity unit by a midwife-led facility.

This will result in disabling Lewisham's A&E to serve patients with more serious conditions. The patients will have spent half an hour more in order to reach the next nearest hospital.

It is strange that a successful hospital is being downgraded, whereas, other hospitals have been saved, said Buckingham’s MP Bob Stewart in a recent debate in Parliament.

Carlos Nero, the chairman of Save Our Hospitals said that campaigners are doing their best to initiate a national defend.